helping you find the perfect talent or team for your amazing project.

Talk the language,
examine the needs,
and deliver.

02 - About What is the supply?

The Supply is a new and progressive resource representation entity that helps connect top digital talent with award winning digital production shops and agencies all over.  In today's digital world, things are

shifting way too fast to only be supported by traditional staffing methods. Matching keywords on a resume just isn't cutting it. Talent recruiters and reps now need to think more like top digital strategists and producers; knowing exactly what the project or campaigns consists of,

and what is needed to execute. Coming from a digital production background at top agencies, The Supply can do just that. Look at the project details with you, talk the language, examine the needs, and deliver.

03 - Connect Why not say hello?

Would love to hear from you if you are in need of great talent. Or if you just want to say hello and talk some digital.

The Supply
Is here to bring you two together.

Would love to chat with you to see where you came from, what you are looking for, and what you did last weekend.

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