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A fresh approach to

talent curation

with a maker mindset

We're a close group of industry vets who hail from the design and production world. We value the power of a strong curated talent network; folks we

⛷ and 🍻
with, not just keywords in a search field.

A combined 25 years under our belt helps talent and our clients trust that we just "get it."

Who we support


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Creative direction



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Software Engineer


Native Mobile

Front-end Developers

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Product Managers

Growth/New Biz

Creative Producers

Program/Account Mgmt

Managing Director

Project Managers

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How We Work

After countless conversations with job seekers and clients, it's clear there is more than one method required to support our partners. As the needs of our network evolve, so do we.

Full-Time Search

The old school recruiting go-to. We're often toying with custom models to better serve our clients, but we're very familiar (and successful 💪) with a good ole, one-off contingency search.

Freelancer Placement

As our world continues to embrace contract work more and more, so do we. Today over 50% of our placements are freelance, where a high % end up converting to full-time.

Embedded Search

When a bit more attention and strategic support are needed, we can embed ourselves with internal teams to dive deeper and help meet more ambitious hiring goals.

Team Construction

Need a hand assembling a project team from scratch? We can help. We understand the players needed and the intangibles required for freelance and fulltime teams to hit the ground running.

Eyes and Ears

An experimental new service offering bringing our network one step closer to what we do daily. Coming soon. Keep your eyes (and ears) on this link to learn morethis link.

Pipeline/Database Fill

A trusted bench of talent on speed-dial is clutch for any creative/product company. We help teams keep an active pipeline of talent and schedule availabilities updated and ready.

Why Us? – 001

Why Us?

Modern tech,

human touch

Human touch and meticulous curation will forever be our trademark. But we've also tapped our past industry/maker knowledge to create a customized intelligent talent platform. Featuring automated profile suggestions, smart reminders, diversity filters, and more. Ten years and 20,000+ entries, all entered by hand, and growing.

Why Us? – 002

Giving Back

We are thrilled to support the next generation of makers — particularly those who are under represented. Which is why The Supply donates a portion of its profits to charities which invest in the future of our industry. By contributing to causes which align with this vision, we hope to do our part in helping provide opportunity and build the foundation for a more diverse and inclusive talent pool.

Pushing Diversity

Owning our own custom talent platform lets us easily implement helpful features we think of on-the-go. One example we love, our filtering system that surfaces gender+diversity options as a prioritized view.

Meet the core team

Shaz Sedighzadeh

Shaz comes from years of digital project management work, collaborating with some of the best creatives, designers and developers out there. He has always loved tinkering - digitally, making tools and apps- analogly, motorcycles and real estate construction. He's always had an affinity for keeping an eye on the best talent, and hoarding neat lists of the best studios/resources. When not on constant calls and emails, he's usually found in his garage with his wife and two maniacal toddlers running around.

Brett Swanson

Brett joined forces with TheSupply after a decade in New York City heading up hiring for interactive design agency, Firstborn. He studied computer science and began his career as a designer, animator and sound engineer before discovering a passion for connecting talent and building teams. Outside of "work", you'll probably find him toying with the latest design and productivity tools, watching/playing basketball or hanging at home in LA enjoying the outdoors with his wife and pandemic perrito, Río.

Jade Daugherty

The Supply’s newest addition, Jade is a former project coordinator/events whiz. She started in hospitality, working under Michelin starred chefs in Chicago and New York. Jade eventually transitioned from front of house to events, cutting her teeth at Care of Chan, where she helped produce everything from cookbook launches, to furniture pop-ups, food salons, to a White Castle takeover featuring Ghostface of Wu-Tang Clan. In her off-hours, Jade dances and holds strong opinions about hot dogs.

Useful tools for you

Makers in a previous life, we still love to noodle, tinker & craft. This shared passion led to us creating a series of tools we hope are just as helpful as they were fun to make. And more to come.

Salary Tool

A simple tool to help folks in our creative industry navigate the dreaded salary/rate conversation, based on what we 👀 at TheSupply. An ongoing project, constantly tweaking the numbers, so many changing variables.

Curated Events

Another quick fun way to keep our network in the know on the best upcoming industry events and conferences. And yes, we definitely highlight virtual events too. Send over events you think should be in there, if you feel some are missing.

Roldx / Contacts

Roldx is our custom built contact tracking database which we use daily. We're adding new/smart features and functionality all the time. Speaking of, a client-facing prototype is on the way. If you'd like a demo, please reach out.

Sample Portfolio

A basic portfolio helper guide for our industry. Some of this may seem obvious but we get asked often what hiring teams and recruiters look for in a portfolio. And what they should avoid including. Not so much about the layout and design, but more about the sections to remember.

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